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Mopar 426 Hemi rocker stands

Mopar 426 Hemi Rocker Stands

  • $699.00

Made in house by Hemi people for Hemi people

  • Machined from T-6 Alcoa billet aluminum bar stock
  • Made for stock valve location heads with 1.875" to 2.000" spring height & 0.250" locating dowel
  • Machined to allow use of spark plug tube cups 
  • Feature standard oiling to be compatible with all makes of rocker arms and shafts
  • Lighter, stronger and more accurate than factory or reproduction cast iron units
  • Spring load is carried by the billet aluminum and bolt, not just a 3/8 stud as in split tops design
  • Kit includes: 10 stands anodized Mopar blue with A.R.P. integral washers installed, 20 grade 8 shaft bolts, washers and a shim pack
  • Standard:  7/16" integral washers and 0.250" locator dowel.  
  • Special orders and pricing: 1/2" and 9/16" integral washers and 0.312" and 0.375" locator dowels.  Email for availablity and price.

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